Sancho – The Faithful Assistant

All of Donnie’s studies in politics and government lead him to believe that every politician needed a hand every now and then.  There was simply no way that he could keep up his campaign running smoothly without losing track of small details – and his experience at the hotel only confirmed his gut feeling. Down the street […]

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Quixote’s First Speech

While combing through old documents at an antique store, I discovered this humble piece of paper.  Fortunately, I was able to have it digitally restored as the paper was severely torn and the ink had faded.  I suppose Quixote himself had created it before he embarked on his campaign.  The flyer reflects his patriotic pride, […]

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How It All Began

A few years ago, I heard a charming yet tragic story.  It fails to come to me who told it or where I heard it, but, nevertheless, I shall have no rest until I have preserved the legend. The tragedy begins in some neighborhood in Detroit where a man in his fifty-third year lived. His […]

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