Sancho – The Faithful Assistant

All of Donnie’s studies in politics and government lead him to believe that every politician needed a hand every now and then.  There was simply no way that he could keep up his campaign running smoothly without losing track of small details – and his experience at the hotel only confirmed his gut feeling.

Down the street from the giant mansion lived a simple, poor man named Sancho.  Donnie wasted no effort in recruiting him.  Every promise he could make he did; every inspiring notion he could fathom he shared.

“My dear Sancho, many politicians are able to share their success with their colleagues.  I would be able to provide you with experience sufficient to help you become the mayor a small town.  How would you like to be the mayor of a town in Hawaii?”

Slowly warming up to the idea, Sancho replied, “Could be nice.  Would my old lady, Theresa, have fancy jewelry and a vast library?  And could my children have beach parties every weekend?”

“I don’t know why they couldn’t.”  said Donnie.

“But I don’t think my wife knows how to wear expensive jewelry, so this might not be a good idea.”

“Please, stop being so pessimistic.  You never know what can happen!  I’m begging you, just take the chance.  You may never get it again.”

“Alright.  You’ve convinced me.  I’m in.”

Thus the two embarked on this infamous campaign together.


One thought on “Sancho – The Faithful Assistant

  1. I love this modern day version of Don Quixote. It helps to know the real story of Quixote before reading this. Makes it all the more humorous!


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